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‘Over 500,000 People World Wide Have HAD This Procedure’

If you are interested in losing weight and tired of yo-yo dieting, you should know that the gastric balloon treatment has become a popular procedure overseas and an excellent alternative to other procedures that require you to go under the knife. It is a short-term and nonsurgical weight loss option that tends to promote a feeling of fullness even after small meals. It is perfect for those wanting to lose between 10 and 3 Read More…

Are you curious about what it might be like to undergo the gastric balloon procedure? It all begins with an initial consultation appointment (after you have taken our online assessment here!) During this first visit, you will undergo a physical examination that will last 45 to 60 minutes. A complete medical history will be taken, as well as any testing that may need to be done prior to scheduling the procedure. Otherwise, you will be Read More…

Gastric Balloon vs Surgery

Kiwis who find themselves needing to lose a significant amount of weight have some options when it comes to medical weight loss procedures. Generally, weight loss procedures fall into two categories: surgical and non-surgical. Examples of surgical options include gastric sleeve and gastric banding procedures.

During a standard gastric sleeve procedure, about eighty percent of the patient’s stomach is removed.
The resulting smaller stomach can only hold up to 150 grams on average.

Gastric band surgery involves putting a silicone band around the stomach which divides the stomach into two parts. This helps patients feel full since the small upper part of the stomach can only take so much food, which it then breaks down and sends to the lower part of the stomach.

The gastric band is generally adjustable, so the patient will also have a tube running outside their body which is used to control how much the band is inflated. Read more…

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The Orbera gastric balloon procedure is a groundbreaking, simple and non-surgical alternative to expensive surgery. It is ideal for individuals with a body mass index of thirty to forty. During the procedure, a soft balloon made of silicon will be planted in your stomach through endoscopy. The gastric balloon is then filled using saline, which helps create a feeling of fullness after small meals.

The balloon will remain in your tummy for as much as six months and is then removed. When combined with exercise and healthy diet, the gastric balloon is an excellent option for people who do not qualify for or prefer gastric surgery, due to its irreversible nature. Hundreds of our patients have lost considerable weight with the affordable gastric balloon procedure and are leading a healthy and active lifestyle without going under the knife.  This is what they have to say. . .

How The Procedure Works


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The deflated gastric balloon will be inserted into your stomach through the esophagus. Then the balloon will be filled with a syringe containing some sterile saline solution. The whole procedure usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. And after only 2 to 3 hours of recovery time, you will be able to resume your normal life.

Once the insertion procedure is over, your anesthesiologist will administer some medications to bring you back to normal. You will also be given some additional medications to reduce or prevent the severity of vomiting or nausea.

It is likely that you will spend about around three to four hours in the endoscopy facility and recovery area. This includes both the preparation, procedure and recovery time. You will be permitted to leave the medical center once your doctor has given you a full check over and the all clear. After that, you will be able to drink fluids and later return to normal activities of daily living as if nothing ever happened. Read More…