Am I Right for this Procedure?

Fat-to-slimWeight loss is one of the most difficult struggles you may encounter in your lifetime. You must either eat food you don’t like or be told to spend countless hours at the gym. Modern medicine has allowed for a few options to help those who struggle with weight loss. A gastric balloon is a popular option as is requires no invasive surgery, no lengthy recovery time, and it’s reversible. With the gastric balloon, you can still eat the food you like – just not as much as you will feel fuller. Combine this with some healthier food options and small amounts of exercise and the weight will just fall off!

Remember: We do have an online assessment tool that will tell you if this procedure is right for you, what brand of gastric balloon you will need, how much weight you will lose and give you an instant estiamate. Within 15-20 min after the estimation is given we will then send you a full break down on what’s included – click the online link above to start.

Try Gastric Balloon Instead Surgery

You do not need to have surgery when an effective and non-surgical procedure such as a gastric balloon is available. A gastric balloon is the perfect middle ground between surgery and dieting. The treatment will provide much more weight loss support similar to a strict diet plan; however, unlike surgery you will not have to worry about any permanent scarring, marks or alterations to your body.

You will not have to stay in a hospital for a long period of time. In fact, most gastric balloon procedures are done as an outpatient stay lasting about 1 day. A gastric balloon procedure often takes only a few hours, meaning you can keep the procedure secret. In addition to these benefits, gastric balloon procedures are considerably more economical compared to most surgical weight loss procedures. To read what other patients are saying read here.

4-icons-02Eligibility Criteria

You qualify for a gastric balloon procedure if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You want to lose between 10kgs and 25kgs
  • Your BMI is between 27 and 45
  • You are not comfortable with or eligible for other kinds of weight loss surgery
  • You are committed to making a dramatic change in your lifestyle
  • You have tried traditional options such as exercise and diet plans, and haven’t been able to lose weight or keep it off

You may not qualify if:

  • Suffer from a major mental illness such as depression
  • Have a Hiatus hernia
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a BMI over 45
  • Have had gastric surgery in the past

The assessment takes 2minutes. At the end we will tell you if this procedure is right for you and how much it will cost.

ORBERA-In-StomachThe deflated gastric balloon will be inserted into your stomach through the esophagus. Then the balloon will be filled with a syringe containing some sterile saline solution. The whole procedure usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. And after only 2 to 3 hours of recovery time, you will be able to resume your normal life.

Once the insertion procedure is over, your anesthesiologist will administer some medications to bring you back to normal. You will also be given some additional medications to reduce or prevent the severity of vomiting or nausea.

It is likely that you will spend about around three to four hours in the endoscopy facility and recovery area. This includes both the preparation, procedure and recovery time. You will be permitted to leave the medical center once your doctor has given you a full check over and the all clear. After that, you will be able to drink fluids and later return to normal activities of daily living as if nothing ever happened.

After the procedure, you will be given a diet of recommended foods. It is important to follow the advice of the physician and dietician to have the most success while the gastric balloon is inserted. To read what other doctors are saying read here.

Ideal Candidates

The following people can benefit the most from a gastric balloon procedure.

People who cannot maintain an optimum weight

Dieting-Although weight gain is usually gradual, if you are feeling uncomfortable because you are putting on considerable weight and cannot keep it under control, then the gastric balloon procedure could offer you the kind of kick start you require to get back on track. A gastric balloon procedure coupled with our dedicated and valuable support, will help you revamp your lifestyle and eating habits so that you may start afresh. Most people that use a Gastric Balloon notice a dramatic loss in weight in the first 90 days.


People who have tried yo-yo dieting

you-you-diet-Although shedding weight with the help of a good diet is quite simple, the difficult part is to keep it off. Unless you have dramatically altered your lifestyle and habits, it is likely those extra pounds will come back with a bang. A majority of individuals try one diet after another, spending plenty of hard-earned cash on short-term methods like pills and shakes and other quick fixes that will not keep the weight off in the long run. Our gastric balloon procedure is a complete package and is quite different from other procedures. This is because it will not only help you shed weight, but with the support of our dedicated staff, you will be able to change your behaviors for long-term success.

Women who put on weight after pregnancy

weight-loss-after-baby-It is quite common for a lot of women to gain weight during their pregnancy. Moreover, it is difficult to shed this weight while managing the demands of a stressful family life. In these cases, the gastric balloon treatment is an ideal option for women. It provides them the help they need in order to get rid of excess weight.  Many women we’ve spoken to use the Obera option as generally they just want to get back to how they were prior to becoming pregnant.

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Preparing for special events

weightloss-for-event-In case you have a special event coming up in the future like a wedding or a birthday party, it is only normal and natural that you would like to feel and look your best. And a gastric balloon treatment could help you reach your short-term weight loss objective.  You will notice significant weight loss within the first 90 days. The following 90 days the weight loss comes of gradually.