Q&A with Dr Lara

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Will a Gastric Balloon Work?

Question and answers with Dr. Lara. This question is very common; Will having a Gastric Balloon help me lose weight?

What's the difference between the balloons you use at MacMurray?

Dr. Lara answers a common question what’s the difference between the balloons you use at MacMurray? There is a balloon called Spatz3 and Orbera. What’s the difference?

Can I drink Alcohol with a Gastric Balloon?

Listen to Phil’s question, a 52 yr old Farmer who asks a common question that most guys ask us.

Pregnancy and a Gastric Balloon

Sarah asks a popular question about weightloss and getting pregnant. Listen to Dr Lara’s answer.

What are the different balloons?

Listen to Dr Lara answer the question about those thinking of having a balloon and wanting to get pregnant.

How much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon?

This has to be the most popular question. Dr Larua outlines the weightloss expectations with each type of balloon.

Gastric Balloon success stories

Dr Laura talks about some sucess stories and what you can expect to happen.

What tests do I need to do prior?

Dr Lara will explain the tests required before a balloon insersion.

What is the recovery time?

Dr Lara talks about the recovery time after you have had a balloon.

Sedation types when having a gastric balloon

Dr Lara talks about the two main sedation techniques that are use.

Can I exercise after a Gastric balloon?

Dr Lara will cover off what you can and can’t do after a balloon insertion.

What refund do I get if the balloon is removed early?

This is a great question. We get asked this a lot. Dr Lara will explain.