“Diet” is a rather confusing term since it can refer to “the customary food and drink of a person, a culture or an animal”. However, most of us are familiar with a different definition, which is: “A highly restrictive and temporary program of eating for the purpose of losing weight.”

The diet industry is worth billions of dollars each year, which tells us that the majority of the diets that we hear about today fail to offer long-term results – because if they did then everyone would be slim and fit and the weight loss industry would collapse. This begs the question: Why don’t diets really work?

Diets whose sole outcome is losing weight rarely work. If you are dedicated and work really hard, you might lose weight, but around 95% of people who lose weight via dieting gain it back within 1 to 5 years. As mentioned above, dieting is a temporary plan, that doesn’t usually work in the long-run. Furthermore, the imposition of restrictive diets on your body can ultimately result in a diet-binge cycle, which then could stall or reverse all the hard work you’ve been putting in. And because your body does not want to starve, it reacts to excessively-restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism down, thus making it even harder to shed those rigid kgs.


A lot of trendy diets on the market may actually be harmful to the body. They may be nutrient deficient, for instance. Therefore, when you “complete” your fad diet, you basically ricochet back to your unhealthy eating habits that led to your weight gain in the first place. This marks the commencement of “yo-yo dieting”, which brings its own set of health consequences.

Lastly, when you indulge in an overly-strict and frequent diet, you basically take all the joy out of eating. Imagine forcing down a bland diet sandwich when you could be having something delicious (in moderation, of course). Restrictive diets can quickly become boring and even detestable, which can then rob you of your motivation to lose weight altogether. A lot of people who hop on crash diets end up doing more harm than good because the body doesn’t accept the sudden change.

Is There a Better Way To Lose Weight?

After realizing the ineffectiveness of various diets, weight loss pills and exercise plans, more and more people are turning towards gastric balloons, an excellent weight loss alternative to surgery.

A gastric balloon is a short-term and non-surgical weight loss alternative that helps create a feeling of fullness after eating smaller meals. When you feel full, you avoid over-eating, manage your portion sizes better, and do not indulge in frequent snacking –all of which help to achieve your weight loss goals faster. One key benefit of the gastric balloon is that it eliminates the side effects and risks associated with surgery. The entire balloon insertion process takes a mere 15 minutes and allows you to head back home the very same day.

If you decide to opt for this procedure, you can expect to lose around 20% to 30% of weight, on average. If you want to take the online assessment online you can start now. This will tell you how much weight you will lose, what balloon is get for you and how much it will costs. It takes 2 min and could change your life!