Exercise more, eat less and you will lose weight. This is what we have been told over and over again. The weight-loss industry wants you to follow that diet, pop this pill, or purchase that piece of fancy equipment, promising that everything would just melt away in no time.

However, despite spending loads of money on a variety of weight loss services and products, people still find it hard to lose weight. Experts in weight-loss management know that weight loss is not just about eating fewer calories. Many people who are overweight often have metabolic problems, which can make them hungry most of the time.

Many people do not approach the problem of losing weight with the right attitude. Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. People are constantly exposed to sugary, fatty convenience foods and find it hard to turn such things down, especially when life gets busy. Foods that are high in sugar and fat reward the brain’s pleasure system as soon as the food is eaten. Unfortunately, weight loss does not reward the brain in the same way therefore making it difficult to give up foods that are unhealthy.


Another reason why people fail to lose weight is that they do not workout consistently. Although it is certainly possible to shed considerable weight through healthy diet alone, at some point you will hit a plateau .You do not have to exhaust yourself with workouts; rather, setup a regular and effective workout schedule and stick to it.

Keep in mind that late-night meals could spell a lot of trouble for your weight-loss efforts. They can increase your blood sugar, body temperature and insulin, making it more difficult to burn excess fat. Similarly, many people are not careful about post-supper snacking. They consume far more calories than they realize when they nibble endlessly while watching TV or using the computer. People are also tempted to eat many unhealthy foods such as pizza, potato chips or ice cream.

Another reason why many weight loss efforts are not successful is because people are not willing to sacrifice their comfy and unhealthy lifestyle. For example, they prefer to sit in front of the TV for hours rather than going for a walk. At office, you may be tempted by donuts, junk food or vending machines which make losing weight an uphill battle.

Mental health problems can also make it difficult for people to lose weight. Some disorders can trigger you to eat more, like depression or anxiety.   Similarly, if you are stressed, you are more likely to reach for high-fat and high-calorie foods. To make matters worse, our bodies tend to store much more fat whenever we are stressed out.

You can also find it more difficult to lose weight if you do not get enough sleep. This is because your metabolism will slow down, making it hard to burn calories fast. In addition, you will have less energy once you wake up, which can make it more difficult to exercise. You are also likely to make unhealthy choices when you are tired, such as choosing sweets instead of fruits.

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