Let’s explore what sets them apart and why they’re worth considering.


Spatz3 Balloon: The Spatz3 balloon is placed endoscopically by a gastroenterologist.  This allows the specialist to visualise the anatomical structure of the stomach prior to insertion and make a decision as to whether the balloon can be placed safely or not.  It also allows assessment of appropriate size of the balloon for each patient. In cases where a stomach ulcer is found, the Spatz3 balloon will not be inserted.

Allurion Balloon: The Allurion balloon is swallowed without visualisation of the stomach.  An x-ray is taken once swallowed, and after inflation to ensure the balloon is sitting within the stomach. 



inner-imgSpatz3 Balloon: One of the standout features of the Spatz3 balloon is its adjustability. A gastroenterologist can inflate or deflate the balloon’s volume according to individual patient needs, allowing for personalised treatment and optimal efficacy over 12 months.

Allurion Balloon: The Allurion balloon is a swallowable balloon that does not offer adjustability once it is deployed. The balloon remains fixed in size throughout the 4 month treatment period.

Weight Loss Effectiveness

Spatz3 Balloon: Studies and clinical outcomes have demonstrated that the Spatz3 balloon yields superior weight loss results compared to the Allurion balloon. The adjustability and length of time the balloon is in the stomach allows for better customisation and potentially enhanced weight loss outcomes.

Allurion Balloon: The Allurion balloon has shown effectiveness in promoting weight loss over the 16 week insertion period, but has limitations in terms of customisation for individual patient needs due to its fixed size.

Metabolic Improvements

Spatz3 Balloon: Research studies have indicated that the Spatz3 balloon not only leads to weight loss but also can contribute to metabolic improvements such as improved glycemic control and lipid profiles. Spatz3 gives the patient 12 months to develop and adopt sustainable lifestyle changes, which leads to improved metabolic control.

Allurion Balloon: While the Allurion balloon primarily focuses on inducing early satiety and portion control for weight loss, its specific impact on metabolic parameters may vary.


Expertise and Clinical Experience

Spatz3 Balloon: MacMurray.co.nz, a New Zealand-based group of gastroenterologists, has extensive experience in performing over 500 procedures with the Spatz3 balloon. Their expertise contributes to improved patient outcomes and increased confidence in the effectiveness of the device.

Allurion Balloon: While the Allurion balloon has gained recognition and adoption in various medical practices, specific references to expertise or clinical experience related to the Allurion balloon should be mentioned in provided information.

Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance

Spatz3 Balloon: The Spatz3 balloon, with its adjustability and the inclusion of dietetic and psychological input in the weight loss process, emphasises the importance of long-term weight loss maintenance. Dietitians and psychologists provide ongoing support and guidance to help patients develop sustainable dietary habits even after the balloon is removed.

Allurion Balloon: The Allurion balloon may also promote weight loss maintenance, although the specific approach to this aspect should be highlighted in the provided information.

Please be aware that this comparison relies solely on limited information. For a thorough comprehension of both balloons and their appropriateness for specific patients, it is advised to conduct further investigation and seek advice from healthcare experts.


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