There is so much more to weight loss than just looking good. The whole experience is about improving your life in numerous, significant ways.  Whether you have finally succeeded in shedding those unwanted pounds or are just are looking for some motivation to kick-start a new weight loss regimen, the following health benefits of losing weight will amaze you.

1. Improved Hormonal Balance

Hormones play important roles at various times over the course of your life. Hormones are also famous for creating the big changes in our bodies like during puberty, but also have important day to day functions. The thyroid gland produces and secretes two very essential hormones that control your metabolism, body temperature, and heart rate. Being overweight can cause the body’s hormonal system to become out of balance. When you free your body of excess weight, hormones start to stabilize, thus making it easier for you to lose weight.

2. Less Joint Pain

Healthy and pain free joints are absolutely vital for everyday ease of movement. If you are overweight, the extra wear and tear placed on the joints can cause damage and contribute to worsening arthritis or other joint abnormalities. In simpler words, the less weight you carry, the less your joints and skeletal structure have to support, thus leading to less joint wear and pain.


3. Better Sleeping Patterns

Weight loss and a good sleep cycle have a direct correlation. Studies suggest that losing 5% of your body weight can lead to longer and more peaceful hours of sleep throughout the night. In addition to that, getting rid of surplus fat can actually help combat snoring and sleep apnea.

4. Less Stress

Let’s be real, in the weight-conscious world we live in, a lot of us stress about being even the slightest bit overweight. Failure to meet your weight loss goals can be very nerve-racking and disheartening. However, if you are able to check off weight loss from your to-do list, you have already one less thing to stress about. Moreover, the things you do to lose weight – eating right and in moderation, exercising, and getting sufficient rest – are also some of the best ways to fight anxiety and stress.

5. Decreased Risk of Cancer

Most of us are aware of the common causes of cancer – smoking, exposure to UV rays, genetics, etc. But did you know that obesity is also linked to cancer? This is because obesity causes disease-inducing inflammation. The good news is this inflammation can be reduced by losing just 5% of the bodyweight, according to a research study.

Make your Weight Loss Journey Easier with Gastric Balloon

Also referred to as an intragastric or stomach balloon, a gastric balloon is a short-term and removable device put in your stomach via endoscopy, where it can remain for up to a year. If your BMI is over 30, then you are eligible for the procedure.

Patients using gastric balloons as an alternative to surgery and restrictive dieting can expect to lose around 30% of their body weight in just 3 months, and also minimize the risk of serious health issues such as high blood pressure, arthritis, stroke, sleep apnea, etc.